The relief generation program Vimage

Vimage Wuhan edition page

Vimage is a program, with which marvelous cartographic terrain representations in outstanding quality can be produced.

Oblique hill shading, vertical hill shading, combined hill shading, contour lines and elevation layers - there is no common terrain representation, which could not be manufactured with Vimage. There are also routines, which can manufacture colored hill shadings and set contour line numbers perfectly.

The Shuttle Radar Topography Mission SRTM measured the earth in the period of the 11th until the 22nd February 2000 in a completeness and an accuracy not known ever. With the data won thereby relief representations can be produced, about which Sydow, Hammer, Habenicht, Peucker, Penck, Eckert, Imhof, Arnberger, Brandstätter, Peuckert - generations of geographers, geodesists and cartographers - could only dream.

Vimage Demo version (Wuhan edition)

The Wuhan edition is a Vimage 4.1.257 demo version translated into english. It has all release version features including file saving - but the maximum image display size is limited to 2400 x 1800.

Download Vimage Demo version english (ca. 4.2 MByte).

The Zip file contains setup.exe, setup.lst and To install Vimage run the setup.exe.


Vimage brief documantation, translated by Eva Hauthal, Wuhan.

Download Vimage brief documentation (ca. 3 MByte).

Vimage examples

Europa mountains
Relief shading Central China 1:500.000 in IMW sections
Caracorum, Yellowstone, Saxothuringikum

Vimage Art exhibitions

National Park Centre Bad Schandau exhibition
Stolpen Castle exhibition

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