Map Projections - Toblers Oblique Bonne (or Stab-Werner) note 2011

What a surprise: A postal item from Prof. Waldo Tobler from Santa Barbara, 34° 26' 41" N 119 ° 48' 26", in April 2011. He sent me some unpublished manuscripts, thereunder an "Map projection fun" Presentation. Containing a oblique Stab Werner, centered in New York, 40.72 N 74,.00 E, meta central meridian direction to Seattle 47.40 N 122.33 E.

I must try it.

1st step: take a raw Earth, with its natural georeference, SE=-180,-90 NE=180,90:

Raw Earth

2nd step: rotate the Earth on itself (=target plane Earth) with meta pole 40.72, -74.00 (New York position). And (to transform the New York - Seattle axis into oblique Earth central meridian) rotate it by 100.67 degrees:

Our Old Earth

Now ist New York the pole.

3rd step: Now compute a Bonne. Scale 1:800000, central point the pole (computes Bonne as Stab-Werner) 90 N 0 E:

Meta Earth

The graticule is computed.

Last step: But at least a common 135 degree rotation –

That's Toblers oblique 90-degree-Bonne or Stab-Werner projection:

Toblers Oblique Bonne/Stab Werner

Full resolution: 1:200.000.000 (in 254 dpi):

Toblers Oblique Bonne, full resolution

Here the RTA assembler code:

Metatransformation der Erde auf sich selbst - Sphere to sphere meta projection (Meta projection)
Bonnesche Projektion - Bonne projection (Map projection)

Important: Meta transformation target plane is the Earth itself. Projection target plane is a map plane.

Many thanks to Prof. Waldo Tobler, Santa Barbara, California.

Many thanks to Prof. Waldo Tobler, Geography Departement, University of California.

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